Originally hailing from New Zealand, and after 10 years living in London, I am in the middle of my biggest adventure yet – living with my new husband in Albania. We jumped out of our previous London lives to immerse ourselves in my husband’s country, culture and family. (They say in Albania that you don’t marry a man – you marry a family!)

Smack bang in the middle of last year we had our Albanian wedding extravaganza. We’ve also been lucky enough so visit a lot of amazing places in this beautiful country – you can read about many of them on this blog.

Life is Albania is complex, crazy and frequently amusing. This emerging country has a fascinating history and culture and is facing rapid change as it storms towards joining the EU community.

All of these things combined make up this blog.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. How have I just found this!? Being a wife of an Alb myself i have just made myself a cuppa and I’m settling in to read! ‘Life in Albania is complex, crazy and frequently amusing’ is about as accurate a statement that I’ve ever read!


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Becoming an Albanian housewife

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