How to do an Albanian wedding: The wedding favour

Albanian wedding are all about the sparkles, frills and glitter. It’s the wedding nine-year-old girls dream of – all Cinderella and fairy tale princess.

So while it is quite possibly going to be the polar-opposite of our London wedding last October, it is, nevertheless going to be quite the occasion.

So, here’s the how-to for an essential part of Albanian wedding sparkle – the wedding favour.

(Think of me while you read – I’ll be all dolled up and dancing round in circles!)


  • 200 x ivory bags with ribbon drawstrings and glitter dots stuck all over them
  • 200 x little red roses made out of some sort of wetsuit material with green paper leaves
  • 200 x individually-wrapped pieces of faux Turkish delight
  • 200 x white sugared almonds
  • 200 x pink sugared almonds

May2014 043

Place one piece of faux Turkish delight, one pink sugared almond and one white sugared almond into the middle of one ivory drawstring bag.

May2014 036

Grab the strings, pull, realise you’ve grabbed the same string and the bag ain’t going nowhere. Find the other string and pull drawstrings in opposing directions, bringing the edges together.

Tie strings in a bow. It’s fiddly.

May2014 037

Take one wetsuit fabric rose and twist the wire around the neck of the bag. Arrange to hide any messiness.

May2014 038

Now make the other 199.


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