How to do an Albanian wedding: the wedding blessing

Knowing our Albanian wedding would be big, manic with a lot of frills, we were very keen to have a small pause before the madness. The idea that we could have a small wedding blessing in the church built by hubby’s father in the village he grew up in was completely blissfully perfect for us.

So last weekend we took my parents (who had made the looong journey from NZ) and a close friend on the spectacular drive to the family farm. The highlight of our visit was the wedding blessing. On Saturday afternoon, in baking 30-something heat, we got dressed in our finery, put on our walking shoes and hiked over the hills and through the fields to the village church, 45 minutes away. We picked roses from bushes rambling along the side of the road and made up some sort of a posy. We sat under the trees outside the church while preparations were made. And we took the obligatory family pics. At the allotted time we traipsed into the church and took our seats.

The church is beautiful inside: cool and calm, peaceful with its exposed brick walls and wooden ceiling.

The priest led a short blessing in Albanian and then we filed outside into the sun and stood on the steps for photos before heading back to the farm for food and drinks.

It was everything we wanted.

June_2014 109

June_2014 117

June_2014 150


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