Family reunions

So, flights are booked. We leave soon. Like, really soon. In less than three weeks’ time I will meet my husband and his family in Tirana and will be enveloped by a whole other life. I am so excited. In less than two weeks’ time my husband will step off the plane in Tirana and into the arms of his family for the first time in 12 years.

This is my dream come true.

For complicated reasons we aren’t travelling to Tirana together but I so wish I could be there to witness this family reunion. It has been so longed for by so many people. (I’m told a pig will be killed in celebration!)

What isn’t going well is my London bucket-list. It’s poorly populated with a few random places I haven’t yet managed to tick off in the last decade. I suspect none of them will be visited and I will end up spending my last few days lurking around my favourite haunts.

In the meantime, cardboard boxes are taking over our living room and we have been marking the occasion of our departure with boozy nights in the pub with lovely friends. Leaving everyone is such a wrench. A huge part of what has made London my home for the last 10 years has been the quality of my friends! Surely evidence of a life well lived is in the quality of the people who’ve come along for the ride?! And you’re all spectacular!