Albania – Strategic Plan 2014


  1. Move to Albania
  2. Sort out official paperwork
  3. Get legally married
  4. Have big, crazy, multi-day Albanian wedding party
  5. Learn the language
  6. Become an Albanian housewife
  7. Complete road trip from Tirana to Munich
  8. Visit the family in Italy
  9. Complete road trip of Albania
  10. Gain visa for whichever country we choose to settle in

Success will be measured by:

  1. Possession of a marriage certificate
  2. The biggest, baddest Albanian wedding album EVER
  3. Ability to conduct a basic conversation in Albanian without making people laugh (unless I’m being purposefully amusing)
  4. Ability to bake bread, make grappa, kill chickens and magic out of thin air a meal for a room full of guests with a moment’s notice
  5. A sizeable collection of memories, photos and souvenirs of happy road trips
  6. Possession of appropriate visas for final country of settlement

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